Beauty Services


For all our waxing treatments, BE A STAR Beauty & SPA chooses waxes that are suitable for all skin types
even the most sensitive. We only use professional waxes of high quality and follow strict rules of hygiene.

Eyebrow                               $15 

Lip                                         $10

Chin                                      $12

Eyebrow & Lip                     $23
Eyebrow, Lip, Chin              $32

Full Face (inc Ebw wax)      $48

Nostril                                   $12

Underarms                           $17

Half Arms                             $20

Full Arms                             $30
Half Legs                              $23

Full Legs                              $42

3/4 Leg                                  $33

Thighs                                  $25 

Bikini                                    $20

G-String                                $25

Brazilian + Bikini                 $45


Threading is ideal for removing facial hair from the roots and shape beautiful eyebrows.

It is suitable for all skin types removal or waxing.

We use an organic antibacterial cotton in a special method which eliminates ingrown hairs.

It is inexpensive, fast, and relatively painless

(with a skilled practitioner).

Eyebrow                        $18

Lip                                  $12

Chin                                $14

Eyebrow, Lip, Chin       $38

Full Face                        $50

(inc Eyebrow threading & shape) 

Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment

Eyerbrow Tinting                                $13

Eyelash Tinting                                   $16

Eyelash Lifting                                    $55

(this treatment is advanced method of eyelash perming) 

Eyelash Lifting + Eyelash Tinting     $65 

(for Ultimate Enhancement)

Henna Eyebrow Tinting                     $23

(Last up to 4weeks)

Make Up

(by appointment only)

Day Look                $70

Evening look          $90

Bridal                     $110